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The Middle East Critical Care Assembly uses the latest in videoconferencing technology to connect with different critical care units in the Middle East and West Asia. The virtual critical care model uses a specially designed software program created by the MCCA IT Telemetric Network. Experts in critical care medicine with board certifications provide video consultations to different hospitals in different countries such as Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan, and Egypt.

Patients or their families can also use this service with a nominal fee to consult regarding the care provided to their loved one in the intensive care unit. The platform provides all the tools required to connect with the requestor. Once all the information is received at our central station, the case will be passed to one of our critical care experts where the records will be reviewed and a video conference will be arranged for further discussion and feedback.

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Process for Requesting Consultation by Patients or Families:

This platform provides all the tools required to connect with the requestor. Please follow these steps very carefully:

  1. Obtain all medical information about the patient: Medical report from the treating physician, x-ray images, laboratory results or any other pertinent information.
  2. Convert the information into a digital format in any of the following extensions: ".zip", ".doc", ".rar", ".tar", ".gif", ".GIF", ".jpeg", ".JPEG", ".jpg", ".JPG", ".png", ".pptx", ".ppt", ".xls", ".docx",".pdf", ".wmv",".pub",".PNG"
  3. Click on Consult link and start filling all required fields
  4. Select the digital files in the same form
  5. Click on "Upload Files and Submit" button
  6. You will be redirected to PayPal portal for fee collection. A nominal fee of $100 is required before consultation is taking place. This fee covers the administrative cost of the consult and a video time with the expert of not more than 1 hour.
  7. Once the fee is collected, the coordinator will contact you directly to give you instruction on how to install the Webex platform for video conference and will set a time for the conference.
  8. You will be meeting a high caliber board certified critical care physician to discuss your case.

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